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Linkify is your Social Media Bio extension. With linkify you can link all your different kinds of content. You can Style your Linki Page in your colors and give them an individual style.

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We build Linkify to make it simple for you to add your content and make beautiful Linki Page.

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Linkis for your Content

Website Linki

Link a URL with a og:image

Text Linki

Write a Text Linki with your message

Video Linki

Link your Youtube or Vimeo video

Photo Linki

Link your Images

Song Linki

Link your Songs from SoundCloud

Product Linki

Link your Products from Amazon or your own shop

Feed Linki

Link your Blog feed

Action Linki

Action Button for WhatsApp, URL, Email or Phone

Contact Linki

Link your contact information

Embed your Content from

For every user the right content

Not every user has the same interest. Give him all option of content you provide.

Create your individual Linki Page

Different Page. Different Style.

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